About us

We are manufacturers of bag in box packaging

BABOX is a leader in the manufacture of bag in box packaging and all the accessories necessary to make the storage and transportation of your product a success in the market segment in which it is developed, saving costs for its customers and extending the shelf life of your product.

BABOX is a company that began with the development of packaging engineering 30 years ago and its evolution and leadership in the industry have allowed us to excel in the food packaging market. We offer a wide range of product packaging solutions, covering different types of liquids and powders; therefore, the variety of our products is very wide.

BABOX satisfies all packaging requirements to facilitate and generate savings for its customers in transportation and storage costs. The versatility and adaptability of Babox products allow your bag in box to fit perfectly in plastic, metal, wood, cardboard, or steel containers.

We produce flexible containers, as well as specialized fitments for every need. Our products guarantee to seal and prevent loss from accidental spills.

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